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Радиотелефон panasonic kx-tca130ru инструкция



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Здравствуйте, уважаемые!..




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". Подскажите, где искать проблему? Может быть, кто-то уже сталкивался с таким. " — конечно сталкивались, но только Мастера!

Труба DECT, RF-модулей у тебя нет, а в АСЦ — продадут со стоимостью работы. Вот и неси сразу им.

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Panasonic kx-tg7200fx инструкция



PANASONIC KX-TG7301E Quick Manual

Page 1: Quick Guide

(For DSL/ADSL service telephone line cord. users) Hook (220-240 V AC, 50 Hz) Press plug firmly. Use only the supplied Panasonic Plug AC adaptor PQLV207E. Guide Do not try to connect over the guide. Important: L If you use a telephone line cord which is not supplied, the unit may not work properly.

Page 2: Soft Keys

TG7301_7321E(e)_QG.fm Page 2 Thursday, February 14, 2008 11:28 AM Battery installation/Battery charge Charge for about 7 hours. Base unit Charger Rechargeable Ni-MH ONLY “Charging” will be displayed. *1 Model shown is KX-TG7301. *2 KX-TG7302/KX-TG7303/ KX-TG7304/KX-TG7322/ KX-TG7323/KX-TG7324 Note: L USE ONLY Ni-MH batteries AAA (R03) size. L Do NOT use Alkaline/Manganese/Ni-Cd batteries.

Page 3

TG7301_7321E(e)_QG.fm Page 3 Thursday, February 14, 2008 11:28 AM Date and time (Handset) K (middle soft key) /<^>: “Handset Setup” i M /<^>: “Time Settings” i M /<^>: “Set Date & Time” i M Enter the current date, month, and year. Enter the current hour and minute.

Page 4

TG7301_7321E(e)_QG.fm Page 4 Thursday, February 14, 2008 11:28 AM Basic operations Answering system (Base unit): KX-TG7321/KX-TG7322/KX-TG7323/KX-TG7324 Answering on/off Press to turn on/off the answering system. Listening to messages Frequently asked questions Question Cause/solution Why is w flashing? L The handset is too far from the base unit. Move closer.

Page 5

TG7301_7321E(e)_QG.fm Page 5 Thursday, February 14, 2008 11:28 AM Frequently asked questions Question Cause/solution What should I do to display L You must subscribe to a Caller ID service. Contact caller information? your service provider/telephone company for details. L The message “You must first subscribe to Caller ID.”.

Page 6

TG7301_7321E(e)_QG.fm Page 6 Thursday, February 14, 2008 11:28 AM Registering a handset to the base unit The supplied handset and base unit are pre-registered. If for some reason the handset is not registered to the base unit, register the handset. Handset K (middle soft key) /<^>: “Handset Setup”.

Page 7

Customer Care Centre L For customers within the UK: 0844 844 3898 L For customers within the Republic of Ireland: 01289 8333 L Visit our website for product information: www.panasonic.co.uk L E-mail: customer.care@panasonic.co.uk Direct Sales at Panasonic UK L Order accessory and consumable items for your product with ease and confidence by phoning our Customer Care Centre Monday — Thursday 9:00am — 5:30pm, Friday 9:30am — 5:30pm (Excluding public holidays).

Page 8

(Alkaline batteries CANNOT be used.) Troubleshooting Refer to in Operating Instructions FAQs in this Quick Guide. If you still have any problems, please call the Panasonic DECT Helpline 0844 844 3898 (UK) 01289 8333 (Rep of Ireland) Lost Operating Instructions? Download at www.panasonic.co.uk.

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Телефон panasonic kx-tc1455bxb инструкция



телефон panasonic kx tc1455bxb инструкция

Основная информация

Личный рейтинг: 3.819

Скорость: DSL 1178,49

Последнее изменение: 10 ч. 27 м.

Активность: 73 часов 22 минут 14 сек

Приватные трекеры:


Регистрация: 2010-04-3 14:28:50

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Радиотелефон инструкция panasonic kx-tc418



Схемах телефона panasonic kx-tc418

Схема импульсного блока питания радио. Телефон panasonic kx tc418 избражение телефона на схемах по эксплуатации телефона panasonic px схемах телефона panasonic kx-tc418.

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Инструкция телефон panasonic kx-t2399cid



Заказ по телефону в Ровно

3 причины оформить заказ через сайт

1 Быстро. Оператор сам перезвонит Вам и Вы сможете уточнить интересующую информацию по заказу, наличию товара и др.

2 Удобно. Только при заказе через сайт Вы можете самостоятельно выбрать нужные опции по оплате, доставке, использовать промокод на скидку.

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